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31/05/2019 - News and Advice


Why is it important to let our dogs sniff on a walk?

Well let's think about the things we do in our day to entertain us? Listening to the radio, reading a newspaper (I know old school!), getting news on your iPad/iPhone, watching TV, chatting on the phone to a friend, social media etc, etc

Now think about what your dog gets up to most days. Well if they are like mine they sleep a lot, potter round the garden maybe, sleep a bit more, bark at the postman, go back to sleep etc, etc

So when they get outside it's their one and only opportunity to gather all their daily news! That pee on the lamppost that was left 5 days ago, scent from a rabbit that crossed the path early this morning or the lingering smell of the Postman's dodgy aftershave.

They get so much information through their noses that us humans gather through our eyes and ears. Did you know when they sniff a bit of pee-mail they can tell the sex of the dog, their reproductive status, how they might have been feeling and when they passed by.

Pulling a dog away from a sniff is like someone taking away a really good book before you've reached the end or switching the TV off in the middle of Game of Thrones!!

So next time you go out for a walk with your dog allow them to sniff and explore and see where you end up.