Spaniel Manual

Do you have a Spaniel or a Spaniel Cross? Do you want to channel their incredible energy and drive?

If yes then these workshops are for you! We will show you how to improve connection, maintain focus, develop impulse control and above all else have fun with your dog! Spaniels need a job to do otherwise they can go self employed and this is when problem behaviours can occur. 

These workshops will help you to understand your Spaniel and their innate drives and will give you the tools to enable you to work as a team. 

These are 90 minute workshops held at our fully enclosed training field in Stapleford, near Hertford. The courses are run by our head trainer, Lisa, who has trained her own Working Cocker Spaniels in scentwork, gun dog work and agility, as well as fostering and offering training support for a spaniel specific rescue.