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31/03/2022 Puppy Training Tips Don't take your puppy for a 'walk'
This might seem a strange thing to advise to new puppy parents but it’s something we talk about in all our puppy...
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26/10/2020 Dog Training Tips and Tricks To cue or not to cue
I often get asked by clients what word they should use to get their dog to do xyz. My answer is always whatever you...
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15/10/2019 Dog Training Tips and Tricks Preparing your dog for the Firework season
Firework season is fast approaching!! I'm sure I'm not the only one that dreads this time of year....
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27/08/2019 Puppy Training Tips How long should I exercise my puppy
This is a question I get asked a lot by new puppy owners and it’s a good question but there is a lot of...
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14/08/2019 Puppy Training Tips Preparing for the arrival of your new puppy - Part 2
  So you’ve puppy proofed your house and garden and you’ve spent an absolute fortune on exciting...
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18/07/2019 News and Advice Preparing for the arrival of your new puppy - Part 1
So, you’ve done your research, you’ve found an excellent breeder and you’ve picked your new puppy...
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31/05/2019 News and Advice Sniffing
  Why is it important to let our dogs sniff on a walk? Well let's think about the things we do in our day to...
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14/08/2017 Dog Training Tips and Tricks Boundary Training
I often get asked "How can I stop my dog from running to the front door and jumping up at visitors?",...
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01/04/2016 News and Advice Micro Chipping law change April 2016
From 6th April 2016 all dogs aged eight weeks old and over must be microchipped in addition to wearing a collar and ID...
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