About Us

Canine Connections™ provide puppy, pet dog training and agility classes near Hertford as well as 1-2-1 training across East Hertfordshire.

Our philosophy is to help you build a trusting, happy and amazing relationship with your dog. If your dog wants to hang around with you and work with you then everything else is so much easier. We run fun classes for all abilities in two secure venues near Hertford. We mainly train outdoors which means your dog learns behaviours in a more real life setting. During the winter months we also have access to a purpose built doggie Day Care Centre for our puppy classes. Our classes are a little different - we train using fun games, tricks and a bit of agility and scent work thrown in. We also offer 1-2-1 training at your home, at our training venue or on a walk. So whether you are bringing home a new puppy, a rescue dog or just want some help with your existing dog, we have a training package just for you.

Lisa Slater, IMDT (Head Trainer)

Lisa has been passionate about animals all her life. Growing up in Cyprus there were plenty of stray animals that needed help, from cats and dogs to chickens, rabbits and donkeys. Think the Durrells and that was pretty much Lisa's early experience with animals.

Lisa has owned and trained dogs for many years and strongly believes in ethical, reward based training. She has experience re-homing and rehabilitating dogs with severe behaviour problems such as separation anxiety and people aggression.

Lisa has been studying canine behaviour and training for many years but really became interested in working as a dog trainer when encountering problems with her own dog who developed reactivity issues at a young age. Lisa feels she has learnt more from working with her own dogs than any book or course could have taught her.

Lisa has also volunteered at local dog shelters to gain further experience handling different breeds and temperaments.

In addition to training dogs, Lisa has also clicker trained a Welsh Highland Pony, called Stinky, to do tricks and appeared on ITV’s 'Teach My Pet To Do That' in September 2017.

Lisa's accreditations include:

  • Full Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers
  • ProDog Trainer
  • Force Free Trick Trainer
  • Member of the Pet Professional Network
  • Happy Puppy Instructor
  • Approved Dog Training College Instructor