Virtual Classes

During lockdown 1 we successfully ran virtual puppy classes which proved very popular. This is what one of our puppy parents thought of our virtual classes:

“We attended Lisa’s puppy training on Zoom in March. Not quite what we had in mind for our first ever puppy classes but I can honestly say they were excellent. You can learn just as much at home as you do in a class and you have the added benefit of not having to travel anywhere! The only downside is your puppy will be a little confused if you have your mic on and he hears another dog bark in the house!” Melissa Mileham & Chester

During lockdown 2 our evening puppy classes will switch to virtual once again.   

The virtual classes  will focus on socialisation, preventing problem behaviours and giving your puppy the foundations in manners and obedience training.

Areas covered will be:
  • Socialisation during lockdown and social distancing
  • How to prevent jumping up
  • Creating calmness and preventing play biting
  • Basic sit/down/stand/wait/recall & loose lead walking
  • How to play with your puppy
  • Creating focus, engagement and a positive relationship with your puppy

The course will be delivered live via Zoom meeting. Full instructions provided prior to the start of the course.