Training Walks

Individual Training walks

Don’t have time to train your dog during the week? Then why not book your dog in for a training walk with a qualified trainer.

Following an initial consultation with you, we will develop a training plan that you can follow and our individual training walks will focus on specific areas that you need help with e.g. recall, loose lead walking, over excitement around other dogs, people etc.

We have a two year old bull terrier cross called Rome that Lisa has trained for some time now. At first she was troublesome both in and out of the house! Since Lisa has been working with her she has completely changed for the better! Her recall off of the lead is brilliant and she is generally a much calmer dog. Lisa was also able to give nutritional information on what foods would be good/bad for Rome and I believe this as well had an impact on how she behaved .I would high recommend Lisa as a dog trainer/walker. “ Max & Hannah

Price: From £30 per 45min training walk

Covid-19 New Procedures

Canine Connections will adhere to guidelines set out by the Canine & Feline Sector Group (CFSG) - see link below for full details:

If you are or have been ill, have recently been to an infected area or in contact with someone from an infected area please follow the government guidance for self-isolation. Please inform Canine Connections and we will discuss each case individually. We may be able to continue walking your dog if you have to self-isolate but this will be at the discretion of your individual walker.

Social Training Walks (Suspended due to government guidelines)

It can be difficult transferring training from a controlled environment i.e. dog training classes into the real world on your walks. Our group training walks give you the opportunity to practice what you've learnt in class with real life distractions. There is a maximum of 4 dogs and handlers per walk and we will cover the following:

Loose Lead Walking
Recall (with distractions)
General manners (e.g. walking through gateways)
Dog to dog introductions
Interpreting body language
Creating calmness on walks
Focus, connection and engagement with the handler
Using play on walks

Walks start from various locations each week.
Price: £10 per walk

For more information please contact us